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Reality television and real cams


The growing popularity of real cams is connected with reality television. People love to watch something “real,” when characters are not acting, but going through some real events. This is how we get new emotions and inspiring experience. This is how we learn something new about different spheres of our lives. Ans sex is not an exception – with the popularity of porn, the erotic live streaming gets popularity too. With special services, people get access to real cams where actors or usual people perform erotic actions, have sex, provide erotic chatting. And all this takes its beginning in the reality television. Mixing of porn and reality television helps to get something qualitatively new.

Reality television

The field includes many genres like seriality and erotic reality. The audience nowadays chooses what is real, because they are bored with all old genres. In usual movies, the authors have the right to fiction, while in a purely documentary genre they can only retell the plot. Completely new things happen in the genres of reality television. Here we also get real heroes and stories, but the right to fiction gives the show the opportunity to tell about some events more exciting.

After all, the popularity of live cams is not something new and surprising. The most interesting thing in the first reality show was the effect of a hidden camera. In the past, it was important for people to know how neighbors live, discuss their behavior, think and draw conclusions. All this is important for them for one simple reason – the same things happen to them. The real ordinary life without gloss – was always closed. Thereby, when it becomes possible to see how people live, behave and communicate just like you, the ratings of the shows surprise.

Seriality and erotic

The secret of the seriality’s success includes mixing fiction with the real life of the audience. In everyday life, we are surrounded by approximately the same characters every day, the events are mostly repeated, but there is also enough sex and drama. Watching people having sex and communicating with them online is a very addictive thing. All people love to watch how others work, do sports, and have sex.

The heroes of seriality are ordinary people, and according to the laws of the genre, their life goes on as usual. This is not a game where the rules remove losers and get prizes to winners. Observing the life of the heroes brings additional advantages: they have the same flaws, and they are not afraid to show them. This means that the audience can forgive heroes their weaknesses and stupid actions. While watching for ordinary people have sex in front of real cams, we get new emotions and better understand our own sexual needs.

Why live cams are better than the usual porn

Porn actors and actresses look much more attractive than the majority of usual people. Comparing yourself with them, you can start feeling bad about your body. Actors for porn are selected specifically among people which great bodies, big breasts, and penises. This is done only for the entertainment of the audience. In real life, girls do not choose a man by the size of his penis. When watching live cams, people see characters who are similar to them, with real emotions and real bodies. This gives emotions with a better result.